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Elèhos Purpose Driven Ministry

Elèhos Ministry provides purpose driven support by partnering with faith communities, community leaders and volunteers to develop context-specific emotional and trauma support systems. Consultation, assistance and training on how to develop a network of support for individuals and families experiencing emotional hurt and trauma.

With Trauma Recovery we assist communities, families and individuals, experiencing trauma with healing processes. These recovery processes include individual, group, and multidisciplinary support and counselling.

Roelf and Elize Schoeman founded Elèhos Ministry in 2004 to coordinate their support to churches to develop emotional and trauma support systems. Elèhos, a Greek word (έλεος), that means to show mercy and kindness, used in the parable of the Good Samaritan indicates the focus of this ministry.

In our broken and traumatised society there are many “Good Samaritans” who want “to show mercy” and support their “neighbours” but do not know how and do not have the support to do so.

Elèhos Ministry believes a network of multidisciplinary support between all the stakeholders in the community is important to ensure a holistic approach to healing.


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