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House Gracia Child & Youth Care Centre

Pretoria North, Pretoria North West, Gauteng

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367 Burger Street
Pretoria North
Pretoria North West
City of Tshwane
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012 546 6681
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House Gracia Child & Youth Care Centre

House Gracia is n plek van veiligheid vir die kinders van Pretoria Noord omgewing, gebaseer op die Christelike etos en in ooreenstemming met die relefante Wet die voorgeskrewe Norme en standaarde en Gracia se grondwet.

House Gracia started in 2009 with one goal in mind; to create a safe haven for underprivileged kids and kids coming from broken families and homes. We want to provide these kids with a safe place to stay and while doing so, teach them true life values and give them an opportunity to receive proper education. At House Gracia we want them to feel at home

We currently have 84 kids staying with us, mostly children from broken homes and families, whom were send to us by CRM. These children come to us after being abused at home, taken from families that cannot look after them anymore or kids living on the streets. When these kids arrive, they are hungry and in urgent need of love and attention.

House Gracia is committed to giving all the children a safe environment where they can feel at home, loved and taken care off. The kids deserve at least the very basics of life and with good funding, we can continue and improve the service we offer to them. Our aim is not to only help the kids now, but to help them in such a way that it prepares them for their future as young adults and to ensure that when the leave the house one day that they will be able to take care of themselves, find a good job and sustain not only themselves but also their family to be.

Gracia Child and Youth Care Centre was founded on a basis of faith in God and that He will provide for the children and the staff. The centre relies solely on donations from the public and sponsorship from corporates and individuals alike.

To give the children the care and attention they deserve we are always thankful for people providing voluntary services.


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