L&M Replacement Rentals (Waverley Plaza)

Villieria, Pretoria North East, Gauteng

Auto Insurance Agency

Office 109
Waverley Plaza
1116 Hertzog Street
Pretoria North East
City of Tshwane
Contact Number
010 900 2145
[email protected]
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L and M Replacement Rentals (Pty) Ltd is a specialist privately owned company. Our main goal and desire is to creatively deliver and provide new ideas and experiences in association with major role players in the Automotive and Insurance Industries and to achieve and maintain a win-more, win-more philosophy for all participants in these said industries. L & M Replacement Rentals is able to provide these industries with the most attractive rates, efficient systems and highly individualized service delivery.

In an ever changing world where change is a constant process, it is our mission to ensure that complete customer service is not an option but rather a mandatory instruction within our company’s ethos to everyone associated with us.

As part of our philosophy, no customer will ever be left stranded or unable to be supplied a rental vehicle. Our position in the replacement industry will be unrivalled in the supply of individual customer service.



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