Placecol Skin Care Clinic (The Village)

Moreleta Park, Pretoria East, Gauteng

Beauty Product Supplier

Shop 05
The Village Mall
1221 Wekker Street
Moreleta Park
Pretoria East
City of Tshwane
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012 997 2461
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At Placecol Skin Care Clinics our focus is on radiant, healthy skin.

Our Placecol brand is proudly part of the Imbalie Beauty group. Our vision is to be the leading and most desirable beauty and wellness group. We actively work to achieve our mission, which is to make a positive change in the world through improvement and empowerment, and by increasing the esteem of all.

Elma McKenzie, a legend in the South African beauty industry in the 1980’s, was the founder of the award-winning Placecol Skin Care range. Today our Placecol Skin Care professionals are subject to ongoing education to ensure our customers receive treatments that meet the highest standards of excellence. 

Placecol has a commitment towards ongoing innovation and a focus on high quality products and treatments, which incorporate safe and effective technology that deliver visible results for customers, making a positive change in the world through improvement and empowerment as well as increasing the esteem of our customers.

 The Award Winning Placecol Brand is like a fresh new leaf in spring, bringing a promise of hope, love and joy to a fresh new start by creating a world where women have the confidence to conquer any challenge and rise above their highest expectations!

Placecol skin care products and Clinics are mostly recognised for their exceptional value offering and have assisted millions of consumers over the years with skin concerns such as prematurely ageing skin and pigmentation, the most common skin disorders in South Africa.


Monday to Friday: 08:30 - 17:00
Saturday: 08:30 - 15:00
Sunday: May Vary
Public Holidays: 09:00 - 15:00

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