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Friday Club Network - Pretoria

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Friday Club Network - Pretoria

The Friday Club consist of a group of like-minded business people who meet every Friday at 7h45 to 9h00 through a zoom meeting or at a venue to discuss various business ideas and help each other to grow our businesses.

The Business Initiative was established to fill a significant gap that has been discovered in the business market today. Within the old political dispensation business was executed under a set of rules that no longer applies. Businesses are now required by government to comply with a different set of rules. These rules in itself are not always fully understood. Because of the ever changing business landscape and the constantly evolving business demands, business people need a business organisation that have created the necessary networks to connect to local and national government as well as the business community on a regional level. Only by being connected to such a network will business grow and prosper. We have created such a network.

Businesses come from far and wide to share experiences, meet new business contacts, extend their network, learn of new opportunities and above all, draw on the mass of information we have available on our databank and through our networks! Plugged into practically every industry, from construction to tourism, from investment and agriculture to mining and manufacturing, from import and export to marketing and advertising, even special events.

Speakers from local, provincial and national government, from big businesses, local and national, converge on the meetings and address members to outline their projects. Members are encouraged to submit company profiles for distribution.

Should you be interested in joining the meeting send your name and surname to 076 948 2641 or complete the form provided at the meeting page and the login details will be send to you.


Every Friday: 07:45 to 09:00
Via a zoom meeting or at a venue.

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