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House Heneka Haven

Elardus Park, Pretoria East, Gauteng

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550 Vacy Lyle Street
Elardus Park
Pretoria East
City of Tshwane
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010 109 4482
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House Heneka Haven - Pretoria

House Heneka Haven is located in Elardus Park, Pretoria East and is a home for abandoned infants and toddlers with special needs. These children are usually abandoned by their biological parents because they are mentally or physically challenged, ranging from blindness, deafness, epilepsy and a number of other serious conditions. Some of the infants are HIV positive, adding another dimension to the challenges that we have to face on a daily basis.

The word “haven’ doesn’t only mean place of safety. It means security, retreat, refuge, oasis and port in a storm. At Heneka Haven we aim to provide exactly that. A safe home and refuge for children with a short life expectancy – children who have been neglected, traumatized and are permanently disabled.

We are currently housing 12 children – who have all outlived the fate that was announced as theirs. We believe that every child in our house – has exactly as much potential within them as each one of us – in spite of their disabilities.

The children at Heneka Haven are not only cared for – they are loved – nurtured and part of a family where they can belong. The best gift that we can give the babies in our house – is not a home – it’s seeing them in the same way Love does.

Unlike adults, infants have no choice in their circumstances.


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