TREE Linden Branch

Linden, Randburg, Gauteng

Youth Organisation

44 5th Street
City of Johannesburg
Contact Number
072 380 8034
[email protected]

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Arnold Mitchell
City Coordinator

012 362 1396
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TREE Linden Branch - 'TRansforming the Educational Environment'

TREE stands for Transforming the Educational Environment and the TREE Linden Branch is located at Doxa Deo Linden Campus in LindenRandburgTREE is a movement where people take responsibility for the transformation of educational environments!

TREE was established in 2010 by Doxa Deo Ministries and is a Public Benefit Organization accredited section 18A. Our vision is to help each school develop a strategy to be a healthier environment for the next generation. TREE is Doxa Deo’s answer to making a Christ-centred difference in schools.

Doxa Deo believes that the answer to city transformation lies with the younger generation as they are the future leaders of South Africa. Our Youth workers are actively involved at High schools as well as Primary schools in our environment where we serve our teachers and learners weekly.


Maandag tot Donderdag / Monday to Thursday: 09:00 - 16:30
Vrydag / Friday: 09:00 - 16:00
Saterdag / Saturday: Closed

Doxa Deo Linden Campus
[email protected]
072 380 8034
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Laerskool Claremont
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TREE Head Office - TRansforming Educational Environments
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