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Sunnyside, Pretoria Central, Gauteng

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541 Jorissen Street
Pretoria Central
City of Tshwane
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082 574 3558
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Leon Wentzel
Managing Director

082 574 3558
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CivilConsult Consulting Engineers - Pretoria

CivilConsult Consulting Engineers is located in Sunnyside, Pretoria and specialise in fields of engineering and project management, for an extensive range of projects. With designs based on minimum expenditure of time and effort we engineer for efficiency and manage for success.

Mission Statement:
There are other challenges around: the country and the continent are changing swiftly, as are technologies, infrastructure, legal and social requirements, and environmental sensitivities. Within such a dynamic context, there are only a few answers that work well: adaptability, creativity and tenacity – all the while never letting go of that one fundamental trait that ensures success: quality of work.

First, expect the unusual. Second, expect things being seen through to the end... and beyond. Third, expect a "can do" attitude: things get done, and get done well. Fourth, and overarching all these aspects: expect care, intense and personal, for everything and everyone within his life and work spheres. The lion's share of care is directed outwards, to others. Business is business, as always, but here it is done with friendliness, personality, insight and flair.

Engineering is not only about providing new infrastructure, but also about improving and enhancing the quality and value of living. That is why our Board of Directors, shareholders, contractors and clients reflect our social responsibility directly. We work towards the wellbeing of society as a whole. We care for people and the environment, serving progress in all these respects, and more.


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