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Fulvic Health - Benoni

Rynfield, Benoni, Gauteng

Health, Beauty & Wellness

69 Waterberry Street
Ebotse Golf & Country Estate
City of Ekurhuleni
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084 261 6540
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Fulvic Health - Head Office - Benoni

Fulvic Health is situated at the Ebotse Golf & Country Estate in Benoni and is all about assisting you with products and innovation, hyration, stress adaption, mitochondria efficeincy, sleep and your oxidative stress management. Over a decade of research, innovation and collaboration offers you these products that work with your body’s natural ability for healing and balance.

Our success is based on great products reaching their full potential. We strive for strong partnering and strategic potential to allow for continued growth, client expansion and networking. Our ethos, as the animating principle which we build on, is that the pathway to health is natural balance and alkalinity which further extends our business; offering unique services, products and devices that we proudly offer our community.

Through our collaboration with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, we are able to offer the most innovative and beneficial products and devices. A new innovation in the management of repair and recovery, healing and health, endurance and performance. A nutritional supplement to assist in maintenance of the joints, essential for synthesis of collagen and intercellular material and plays a role in maintaining healthy connective tissue.

Our products are suitable for emerging and established sportsmen and women, children, the elderly, the injured and all people that would like to invest in their overall health. Our products offer speeded healing, vitality, recovery, longevity and rehabilitation measures. It may have chondroprotective action in bone, joint and connective tissues and play a role with manufacturing of glycoaminoglycan, which forms cartilage tissue in the body. It has anti-oxidant properties and protects intracellular structures against oxidative damage thereby keeping cells healthy.

Our core message "The pathway to health is balanced alkalinity" is the vital thread of our language and education ethos.


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