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Cluny Farm Centre

Kyalami, Midrand, Gauteng

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69 Rose Road
Sun Valley
Witpoort (Beaulieu)
City of Johannesburg
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011 702 1690
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082 401 3343
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Cluny Farm Centre

Cluny Farm Centre is a working farm in Sun Valley, Kyalami which provides a home, care , security and an environment for self-development for adults living with intellectual disabilities.

Cluny Farm Centre was founded on 28 August 1962 by Mrs. Helene McDougall. It started on a 8 hectare plot of 69 Witpoort/406JR with just one small house on donated by the Crause`s.

From there it grew from strength to strength. Other pockets of land on Witpoort farm were purchased for expansion purposes.

Imagine a place where time is reigned in and harnessed to serve, rather than play master in the rat race. A place where people laugh, work and grow - slowly and gently. A place where every pair of eyes, reflects the child within. Welcome to Cluny Farm.

All residents are adults who work to the extent that they are able. There are no servants on the farm and the Residents 'run' the farm under the guidance of a few staff and house parents. The core focus is the dignity and self actualisation of every Resident.

We will be a model organisation focused on the right to a dignified and meaningful life of every intellectually disabled adult in our care, developing them to their optimal potential. We will continue to train and mentor other organisations in our field of expertise.


Monday to Friday: 08:30 - 16:30
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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