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President Park Residents Association (PPRA)

President Park, Midrand, Gauteng

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Region A
Ward 110
President Park
City of Johannesburg
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082 624 5209
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082 496 4116
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President Park Residents Association (PPRA) - Midrand

The President Park Residents Association (PPRA) is a not for profit association representing residents of our community in matters concerning our suburb and looking out for the overall interests of the residents of President Park.

Welcome to President Park a safe, caring and thriving urban-country valley in the heart of South Africa's economic hub. President Park has a very active SCF who work together with law enforcement and other stakeholders to make our community safer. The PPRA have an active safety and security sub-committee who work to  prevent crime rather than react to it.

President Park is a beautiful urban-country suburb covering around 8,14 sqkm in Midrand, one of the fastest growing areas in the economic hub of Gauteng. Midrand is commonly reffered to as the half-way house connecting Johannesburg and Pretoria. The charm of President Park lies in its larger smallholding properties containing diverse hidden gems like the Lory Park Zoo, a University District, Farmers markets, stables, various boutique hotels, spas, conference, wedding and party venues and even a entrepreneur hub mingling with various home and small business, subsistance farmers, churches, residences and even a forest!

We are lucky to live in beautiful suburb with an ecosystem thriving with wildlife and vegetation; and a diverse community. Part of the charm of President Park that we'd like to preserve is its urban-country atmosphere with its residential and agricultural small holdings coexisting with the symbiotic small businesses in the area.

It is time for us to take back President Park and we can only achieve this by standing together, combining our efforts, skills & resources into a Superior, Effective & Influential PPRA Team. Should you like to be involved in any way with PPRA, even if just receiving PPRA News emails, please contact us so we can add you to our email list. If would like to serve on the PPRA Committee or are a champion in a particular field, please email us a short CV. Or if you are very passionate about a particular issue in President Park, or have access to a useful resource, please forward a short synopsis.


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