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President Kruger Children's Homes / Kinderhuise

President Kruger Children’s Homes are registered non-profit organizations that provides essential care to children in need. We care for traumatised children by providing a home with a stable environment in which they can grow to their full potential.

We have two children’s homes, one located in Pretoria, Gauteng, and one located in the Free State in a town called Reddersburg. Our children are placed with us through a court order of which 90% comes from a background of molestation, abuse and poverty. Both homes are registered to keep 63 children each, age 2 to 18 years. We also have a program for our children after 18 years which include tertiary education as well as placing children within a suitable work environment.

The mission of President Kruger Children’s Homes is to offer our children the opportunity to grow to their full potential through providing a high standard of spiritual, emotional, educational and scholastic care.

The vision of President Kruger Children’s Homes is to guide children from an impoverished and traumatized family background through Christian norms and values to become fully fledged young adults who can stand their ground in society.

President Kruger Kinderhuise is geregistreerde nie-winsgewende organisasies wat ons toespits op die versorging van kinders in ‘n Afrikaans Christelike milieu. Ons versorg kinders wat deur getraumatiseerde omstandighede van hulle huise verwyder is en skep vir hulle ‘n gesonde en standvastige tuiste waar hulle tot hulle volle potentiaal kan ontwikkel.

Ons het twee Kinderhuise, een in Pretoria, Gauteng Provinsie en die ander in Reddersburg, Vrystaat Provinsie. Die President Kruger Kinderhuis Pretoria is gestig in 1939. Ons kinders word by ons geplaas deur ‘n hofbevel waarvan 90% uit getraumatiseerde huisomgewings kom.

Beide ons Kinderhuise is geregistreer om 63 kinders elk te huisves en die ouderdomme van ons kinders wissel van 2 – 18 jaar. Ons het ook ‘n nasorg program vir ons skoolverlaters wat tersiêre opleiding insluit asook plasing van kinders in geskikte werksomgewings.


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