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The Portuguese Forum of South Africa

The Portuguese Forum of South Africa is a National non-profit organisation that acts on behalf of the South African Portuguese community and facilitates in all matters affecting the South African Portuguese community's relationship with the South African Government and with provincial, municipal, and other authorities.

The Portuguese Forum supports and works with National Government and the provincial, municipal and all authorities in the Republic of South Africa in order to advocate and empower the Portuguese-South Africans as well as addressing the many growing needs of the Portuguese- South African community.

In order to create singular National voice to advocate for the Portuguese-South Africans and Luso-South African communities-at-large, The Portuguese Forum was founded in 2001 as a non-partisan, non-profit, tax-exempt community with a mission of addressing domestic and International concerns of the Portuguese-South African community.

The Portuguese Forum strives to conduct an expanding program such as applied research, policy analysis, advocacy and provide a Portuguese-South African perspective in critical policy areas. In the public affairs activities and on all salient issues of interest and concerning the Portuguese-South African community and the Luso- South African relationship.

Our mission is to build solidarity within the Portuguese community while highlighting the devastating effects of crime on all sectors of the population. We believe that it is the joint responsibility of both Government and all South African communities to address crime, while safeguarding the religious, civil rights, status and welfare of all South African communities in South Africa.


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