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JAMii Business Forum Helderberg

Greenways Estate, Strand, Western Cape

Business Networking

Unit 4050
Beach Road
Greenways Estate
Helderberg Basin, City of Cape Town
Western Cape
Contact Number
065 931 3446
[email protected]

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The JAMii Business Forum – Helderberg

The JAMii Business Forum Helderberg, is one of several Business Forums of the JAMii Holdings group in South Africa and is a networking organisation for businesses situated in Somerset West, Strand & Gordons Bay region, better known as the Helderberg Basin. 

‘Acquiring new customers, as well as retaining loyal customers, is one of the primary goals of marketing. This can only be achieved by getting your business’ name in front of your target audience, in other words, creating brand awareness with the help of online search engines and word-of-mouth marketing’.

JAMii (jamii.co.za) offer a cost-effective approach, which is unsurpassed in cost saving, features, benefits, and ROI, that will not only enhance your existing brand awareness campaigns but will expand them. JAMii publicly features the pertinent information of businesses and other entities on ‘web-based pages’ called eProfiles. An eProfile is always available online and anyone can download it to their mobile as a vCard (.vcf file), and saving all the information directly to their contacts, with a handy link back to the eProfile. To truly benefit from word-of-mouth marketing, it is crucial that your business’ information is readily available whenever someone needs it or wants to share it. This makes it easy to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing and share your business’ information to whoever needs it.

These user-friendly eProfiles feature tabs such as About Us, Operating Hours, Our Team (eCards), Special Offers, Events, embedded Google Maps, In our Network, Member of…, and more.

JAMii currently host over 3,700 eProfiles that attract a high volume of traffic, with over 4 million eProfile engagements since January 2019, and monthly visits averaging around 70,000.

Your JAMii eProfile does not replace, but enhances your existing website, although in some instances, your JAMii eProfile may actually rank higher than your own website. If you do not have your own website, your JAMii eProfile will also be recognised by search engines as a online site.

The success of the JAMii eProfiles is a direct result of the interconnectedness within the JAMii Platform, simply because eProfiles can accept incoming links from other eProfiles. Think of an incoming link as a vote for your eProfile! In simple terms, eProfiles with more incoming links have a higher authority and rank higher in Google. We encourage participating businesses to be involved in their local communities by creating incoming links between their own eProfile and other participating eProfiles.

In addition, linking your eProfile to your own website will result in a further increase in organic traffic and boost the ranking of your own website as well. This also increases the possibility of your eProfile reaching the first page of search engine results, enabling potential clients who have never heard of JAMii (and/or your business) to easily find your info.

Note: The JAMii platform is an ‘online mirror’ that reflects established and newly formed ‘real world relationships’ between businesses, entities, and communities.


Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

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