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Midstream College

Midstream Estate, Olifantsfontein, Gauteng

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1 Ashford Street
Midstream Estate
City of Ekurhuleni
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012 661 2341
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Midstream College “Excellentia”

Midstream College is located in the Midstream EstateOlifantsfontein and the learners of the school are precious to us as teachers and their well-being and happiness are of great value to us. We will therefore do everything possible to contribute towards their complete Christian maturity and to act as parents and guardians to them.

Discipline is the foundation of order, an ideal learning environment and positive interaction between the school, staff and learners. Midstream College strives to maintain high disciplinary standards at all times. Within the guidelines of a proper code of conduct unacceptable and improper conduct is addressed and good conduct recognised and rewarded.

Part of Midstream College’s educational programme are the annual grade camps. The College is a firm believer of offering a holistic education with well-rounded learners. This is why it is important for the learners to be taught both inside and outside the classroom.

The College strives to be a Christian community in which staff and students are able to express their Christian faith. It is a place where teens can experience how God works through His church. It brings truth and life into schools. The Christian ethos is at the heart of Midstream College.  C4C’s (Christians for Christ) fundamental role is to offer students the opportunities to nurture their personal Christian faith.

As learners of Midstream College we strive to uphold the following values at all times:

1.     We are proud of our school and our conduct and actions will be of such a nature that we are ambassadors of our school at all times.
2.     We endorse Christian norms and values and put them into practice.
3.     We are proud of our mother tongue and respect all learners’ home language.
4.     As fellow South Africans we accept each other’s friendship and goodwill and respect each other’s human dignity.
5.     We accept authority at all times.
6.     We believe in loyalty, honesty, integrity and self-discipline and strive towards neatness and courtesy.
7.     We conduct ourselves in such a manner that the learning culture in the school is improved.
8.     We undertake to be tolerant towards our co-learners.


Maandae tot Donderdae / Monday to Thursday: 07:00 - 15:00
Vrydae / Friday: 07:00 - 15:00
Saterdae / Saturday: Closed

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