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Trinity Anglican Church - Lynnwood

Lynnwood, Pretoria East, Gauteng

Place of Worship

459 Lovers Walk
(417 Mimosa Ave)
Pretoria East
City of Tshwane
Contact Number
012 348 9326
Contact Number
076 419 8504
[email protected]

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Trinity Anglican Church - Lynnwood

We are an Anglican Church in Lynnwood in the Diocese of Pretoria and we share our holy space with the Presbyterian Church. The Presbytery of Tshwane and the Pretoria Diocese of the Anglican Church undertook the establishment of Trinity as a joint development. The foundation stone was laid in 1971 and the sanctuary was completed and consecrated in 1978. The property belongs to a joint Anglican and Presbyterian Trust. Although the congregations each maintain their own identity and worship in separate worship services, they share the sanctuary and all the facilities.

Our Trinity church building is still partially closed for the lockdown, but the church itself is not. You can join us at Church every Sunday for our service, we will still be posting the services to our website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

We have two services each Sunday and are blessed with a choir, band, technical team and willing community who work together to glorify God with their gifts and teachings. We also have a series of fellowship groups who meet throughout the week to study the word of God more closely and in a context appropriate to their age group.

Trinity performs a series of outreach and inreach ministries, including providing discipleship and pastoral care for our members as well as reaching out to vulnerable children in collaboration with the Charisma church in Mamelodi among other projects.

Prayer is an important part of the Christian life, and our church encourages private prayer and contemplation while also providing a prayer life-line to those in need. If you or someone you know is in need of prayer please submit a prayer request.


Monday to Friday: 08:30 - 13:00

Regular Sunday Worship:
We celebrate Trinity Sunday together as Presbyterians and Anglicans.
Please join us for our combined service at 09:00
15:00 Setswana Evening Service

Tuesday Morning Prayer @ 08:30
Wednesday Eucharist and Bible Study @ 09:30
Thursday Morning Prayer @ 08:30
Friday Morning Prayer @ 08:30
Café Trinity on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to14:00

Anglican Church of Southern Africa - Diocese of Cape Town

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